Team Managers

Team Managers

Thank you for becoming involved as a Team Manager for a WASPS Team.  For most, being the Team Manager is about becoming further involved in their child’s basketball team.  By engaging other parents to assist, the duties of a Team Manager takes very little time each week and unlike some other clubs, WASPS registrations include game day fee’s so you don’t need to ensure all players/parents have paid every week.

Some of the duties of a Team Manager include:

  • Completion and distribution of Scoring and court sweeping roster (sweeping is only if requested by referee's or coaches)
  • Assist parents who are new to scoring
  • Game day registration (on electronic scorecard)
  • Organising alternate tops (for lower WASPS team to organise)
  • Add fill in players details to electronic scorecard
  • Ensure all parents and coach are aware of game time and venues (can be done by fixture handouts or sms reminders)
  • End of season team break-up (if wanted)
  • Support coach and players as required

Alternate Tops

In Wasps v's Wasps games, the lower number team wears the alternate tops i.e. if it G14/4 v's G14/5, it is the responsibility of the G14/5 Team Manager to collect, wash and return the Alternate Tops. Our Alternate Tops contact is Amanda Evans who can be contacted on 0433 700 548, [email protected]

We have templates should you wish to use them for: