Congratulations on whether you are a long time or even a new coach at Wasps.

Please familiarise yourself with the Coaches Code of Conduct and if you are starting off your “coaching career” remember some key points

  • Remember that basketball is for enjoyment.
  • Be reasonable in your demands.
  • Teach understanding and respect for the rules.
  • Give all players reasonable court time.
  • Develop team respect for the ability of opponents including their coaches.
  • Instil in your players respect for officials and an acceptance of their judgement.
  • Be prepared to lose sometimes.
  • Act responsibly when players are ill or injured.
  • As well as imparting knowledge and skills promote desirable personal and social behaviours.
  • Keep your knowledge current.

And a final point use as much information and sources as possible to continue to find out more about basketball.  There are some great references and training drills that can be found at the KBI website on

Have fun, good luck and GO WASPS

Knox Basketball Skills Evaluation Program