New Players

Welcome to the Wasps Basketball Club!

If you are interested in joining our Club, please make contact with our New Players Coordinator in the first instance for information on how to register. Contact details can be found on the Committee Members page.

If your child has come from another club in the Knox domestic basketball association, you will need to get a clearance from your previous club. There are restrictions on how many transfer players a club can take each season, so please make sure to contact us first.



Frequently Asked Questions from New Players


What day are games played?

The age groups under 8 to under 16 play on Saturday, while under 19s to under 23s play on a Sunday evening/night.

What time are games played?

The younger age groups (under 8 and under 10) play earliest, with games commencing at 8.30am, and the last game of the day will start at about 6.30pm which will be U/16s.  There are no fixed time slots, but Under 12s will generally play between 11.00am and 2.00pm, under 14s from 1.00pm to 4.00pm and under 16s from about 3.30pm.

Where are the games played?

Games are played at a number of different stadiums including those listed below.

State Basketball Centre – 291 George Street, Wantirna Sth

Knox Basketball Stadium – Park Crescent, Boronia

Fairhills Secondary College – 330 Scoresby Rd, Knoxfield

Rowville Community Centre – Fulham Rd, Rowville

When does the season start?

There are two seasons in the year, the winter season starts late May / early June, and the summer season starts early November (the Saturday after Melbourne Cup Day). 

Where and when will training be?

Wantirna Wasps utilize 3 different training venues – namely Knox College, Waverley Christian College and the State Basketball Centre.  Training night and time will be determined by the availability of coaches.  Generally the younger age groups will train earlier from 4:30pm and older age groups such as U16's will train from 8:30pm .  Training nights are Monday to Wednesday.

When will I find out what team I am in?

Generally, we release teams over the Grand Final weekend of the prior season.  The teams will be shown on the following the completion of the current season grand finals.   This is where you will also find out details of training and your coach.  Please ensure you make contact with your coach prior to the first training session.

Can I choose my own singlet number?

Unfortunately no.  There are unique numbers that can be used in basketball, and in most of our age groups we have significantly more players than numbers available.  Therefore if the allocation of numbers is not managed closely, number clashes occur.  The club has a detailed register of all players and their singlet numbers.

When there is a number clash, (ie two players in the same team have the same singlet number), one player will need to wear a club supplied singlet.