Summer 21/22 - U19 Boys

Please ensure you (or your parents) contact your coach prior to the first scheduled training session or game

All teams must have a nominated Team Manager by Round 2.  Please email Team Manager details including Team Name (i.e. G12/6), your name, email address and mobile number to [email protected]

Any concerns or questions regarding teams should be sent via email to [email protected] and not directly to the Boys or Girls coordinator. Any messages, emails, or phone calls made directly to the coordinators will not be responded to.

Good luck for the season and GO WASPS.

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Team Name B19/1 Return to Teams
Coach Ray Figg  
Team Manager    
Players & singlet number Nbr Name
  Joshua Waterworth
  Benjamin Pringle
  Matthew Figg
  Jett Williams
  Jay Rankin
  Nicholas Rodda
  Stephen Edmanson
  William Adam
Team Name B19/2 Return to Teams
Coach Stephen Tuohey  
Team Manager    
Players & singlet number Nbr Name
  Ayden Djouma
  Praveen Prakash
  Jackson Douglass
  Ryan Kelly
  Jacob Tuohey
  Charlie McConnell
  Damien Milacki
  Joshua Davis
Team Name B19/3 Return to Teams
Coach TBA  
Team Manager    
Players & singlet number Nbr Name
  Joshua Tuohey
  Brayden Clay
  Harrison Wolf
  Ronan Gelsi
  Julius Palmer
  Ollie Kosterlitz
  Liam Slaney
  Thomas Will
  Noah Lanham
  Ezekiel Apostolopoulos