Presentation Night, Training, Sportsmanship News 2014 - 07 - 18



Final reminder that the WASPS AGM and Presentation night is being held at the State Basketball Centre on Monday 21st July.  Starting from 7:00pm @ STATE BASKETBALL STADIUM.

Note – no training for teams that usually train on this night so they can attend presentation.

For those that will be receiving an Award that are unable to attend please ensure you organise for someone to collect on your behalf.


Basketball Victoria are running a Level 1 Coaches Course on 27/7, 3/08 & 10/08.  We have since been advised that this course is fully booked.

For those that have already booked, the Committee have agreed that there is an opportunity to sponsor coaches who are completing this course.  Please note, in order for the club to sponsor, participants must complete and on receipt of successful completion and copy of payment to the Treasurer, Ian Hubble payment will be made.  More information about the course can be found at


If you are a Team Manager, please email the team name, your name, mobile number and email address to [email protected]


A reminder to continue to check the KBI website in case of any fixturing changes during the grading games.


A reminder that if you are injured and are unable to play for a period of time, in order to still qualify for finals certificates should be provided to the Club Secretary, Peter Cameron.


Recently, the club received an email from an opposition parent that in part read

Our team played the Wasps at this morning’s game.  During this game I was privileged to witness the most outstanding display of sportsmanship and leadership demonstrated in the game in a long time.

One of the players on our team has some medical difficulties and as such does not have as much involvement in the games as other players however he is always keen to give it a go. During the game he became distressed following a ref call against him. Coaches and families from both teams cheered him on and encouraged him to continue in the game. He subsequently left the court for a short time but on his return the Wasps coach had obviously requested his team to give our player some space to get a chance at having a good run with the ball. We all know how difficult it is to try and get 9-10 year old boys to listen to anything, let alone tell them to back off during a competitive game of basketball, but the Wasps players did as they were asked and our player was given multiple opportunities to dribble down the court and had numerous shots for goal.  The impact this would have had on his confidence is undeniable.

I spoke with the Wasps coach following the game to pass on my thanks for his actions however I felt that this type of behaviour, and as I said earlier, leadership, needed to be formally recognised therefore I would appreciate if you could pass this message on to the appropriate people at the Wasps club. It is also important to note that the support from the Wasps families was also amazing and a lesson to all about the true essence of our children’s sport.

Thank you Kieran on behalf of the Wasps Basketball Club Committee


Training times are scheduled by both the Girls and Boys Coordinators in order to satisfy a number of points including coaches availability, compliance with insurance cover and use of the venue by other clubs.  A reminder to all players and coaches that once the allocated time is complete to move off the court for the next team’s training.  Also due to insurance cover, no team or coach is able to extend their training without the authority of either the appropriate Coordinator or President of the club.


The current rules of court sweeping are that it must be completed if a referee requests for completion or a team requests for completion then both teams must sweep an end at half time.  Please ensure that if requested that it is completed.