New Players, New Roles, AGM & Code of Conduct Reminders - 160603









First Baskets

Congratulations to the following players who have scored their first baskets for Wasps

Thomas Le Page

Daniel Kusmandono

Bradley Reid

Gage Kondis

Logan Shelton

Jordan Pasula

Jett Kondis

Liv Bilston

Deane Gilbert

Diana Mekhiel

Kaela Read

Lily Bramhill

Tupou Beovich

Shakya Batugwdara


New Players and Families

We continue to grow each season as a club and want to give a warm welcome to our 56 new families to Wasps.  Hope you and your children have a great time and enjoy this Winter 2016 season.

U10 Girls needed

We still have some space in our U10 girls sides.  If you have a friend that is interested, contact Girls Coordinator David Vosti on 0412 494 939.

Team Managers Role

With a new season, the role of the Team Manager is critical to support our coaches as we all volunteer our time for the enjoyment of our children at every age.  A few points to remind our “new” Team Managers on their important tasks each week

  • Team manager should sit with the coach on game day with substitute players
  • Communicate game details and rotation of scorer’s each week and remind for players to arrive 15 minutes prior to game
  • Assist if a child gets injured during the game, so therefore the coach can continue to coach
  • Ensure children have Drink bottles on the bench not with parents on the other side of the court
  • Remind players chewing gum is not permitted at training or on game day

Parents Reminders

With all our new players this season, just a few reminders

  • As difficult as it is, when scoring remember you are acting as an official
  • Please remember to refrain from calling out instructions to your children (it might be the opposite of what the coach is instructing)
  • Basketballs are not to be taken on game day
  • Parents should not be just dropping off children to training or games

Coaches Reminders

If coaches need players they must ring the co-ordinators to arrange players.

Little Stingers

Remember our FREE Little Stingers program is still running for 5-8 year old children during school terms, however will come to a close on Monday 20th June 2016.

Little Stingers returns on Monday 18th July 2016, feel free to bring a friend along as well.

Winter Hoodies

Winters is here and why not order a new hoodie to warm up in.  Contact Mimma to order one of our Wasps Hoodies.  You can get Mimma on 0407 330 346 or [email protected] or see Mimma travelling around at some of our training nights.

Presentation Night & AGM

Tuesday 12th July @ St Judes, George Street, Scoresby we will be holding our AGM & Summer 2016 Presentation night. Starts @ 7:00pm for AGM, followed by the Presentation.  Nominations and notices will be sent shortly.

Code of Conduct

With us at Round 3 it is timely to remind everyone about our Players, Coaches, Spectators, Parents Code of Conduct.  Please click on these links and make sure you read.

Players Uniforms

Reminder that white socks are part of the uniform and that skins longer than playing shorts are not allowed.